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Welcome to Award Winning
Kaar Agency

We are the multi-award-winning niche careers website for Professional Jobseekers in MENA region.We match Best Candidates and Top Jobs in the Middle East & North Africa from leading direct employers and specialist marketing recruitment agencies, covering key industries and professional sectors nationwide and internationally.

More than just a job advertising site, we are prolific community-builders and networking heroes, offering tangible value through online groups, conferences and events. Our team is rigorously conducting in depth research on new technologies to bring you the most succesful experience in HR industry.

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Recruitment Agency for Mobile

Continue your job hunt on the go.

Kaar Agency wants to maximise the potential of everyone and has features on its website and mobile apps that does that. Individuals can maximise their potential and businesses can minimise their costs and administration whilst quickly finding world-class talents. Discover easy access to your profile, biometric identification, career verification logs and a micro-accreditation capture tool using QR codes.

Blockchain for Recruitment

Kaar Axon™ is a next-generation recruitment platform with an ambitious purpose to disrupt the HR industry via smart contracts, authentication, embedded analytics, cognitive matrix, decision support system, and Real-time Payments (RTP). Kaar Axon™ will reduce costs per hire up to 5 times and increase people’s income with an integrated omnichannel strategy. The hiring of personnel is one of the most influential KPIs in today’s world economy, its volume is more than $429 billion.

Recruitment Agency for Mobile

We are developing the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements. Kaar Axon™ is a multifunctional blockchain for projects in the educational and recruiting spheres. It provides the transparency of work and creates conditions of maintaining confidentiality and reliability of information added by system participants. Kaar Axon™ doesn’t use any other blockchains in its work, and is being developed for the demands of the educational and recruiting fields, taking into account the specificity of their work.

Leading Decentralized Recruitment Ecosystem

We have created a DLT-based futuristic hub that will serve and change HR&finance industry forever, and at the same time have a positive effect on the environment!

Kaar Axon™ empower individuals to manage a verified professional history identity, at the same time, organisations can exchange sensitive documents, recruit based on verified data and help reducing carbon&ecological footprint with document digitisation. The cryptocurrency EXORDIUM serves as main value, connects and fuels the Kaar Axon™ ecosystem.


Verification system

Keep essential elements of CV in the blockchain. Prove to employers your skills and experience. And make money on this. Data is written to the blockchain after the decentralized community check. Earn tokens on your data, skills and work experience

Rating of professionals

Become the best in your profession throughout the country or world. The community chooses the winners each month through a decentralized voting. The higher your rating, the higher your market value as a specialist.

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First of all, congradulations. Now you are on a serious track toward securing your income and taking your role into the next level. To acheive that, start researching on the company’s mission and their online presence to find out more about professional and cultural environment. We also suggest you research on the latest technology and certificates in your field to make sure you’re prepared for the role. A good start point is to check our blog at https://kaar.work/news/

Meanwhile, A company representative or recruitment manager will contact you to follow up with your case. Please bear in mind that each company follows their own internal mechanism and process for recruitment so be patient!

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